It is more fun to find leisure in serving while using your time to rest away from the hustle and bustle of life. choosing what’s wise to do with your leisure time can be a tedious exercise and at times you want something captivating that will harness your energy to productive resting that will be both beneficial to you and to someone else that can be reached by your little acts of kindness.

At Elohim tours, we have understood touring for years and its with this kind of a perception that we have come up with a tailor made venture where we can offer you a luxury of touring and a platform for giving back purposefully.

we do believe that in everyone’s heart is the element of humanity where everyone gets to a place of giving a helping hand and the need to bridge the gap of imbalance.

We have a programme that we believe will cater for your leisure and heart of hearts. in this programme, we intend to show you all what there is in bird watching, wildlife watching, mountain climbing and aquatic /marine leisure and still keep an eye of the hearts or hearts.

In the heart of hearts segment, we intend to show you the different cultural diversities that Kenya has and how well the rich African culture is extended, and from which, the core of heart of hearts is derived. depending on your need to reach a heart, we would like to present to you the different areas where the heart of hearts would like to reach. and that’s the element of reaching the less fortunate in our midst.

we intend to reach the children who are the future of our motherland, reaching out and investing in children can be a very rewarding venture for the heart of hearts segment. we believe that it’s a collective responsibility to bring up a whole child who can be productive in his adulthood to bridge the gaps that are present. and so we intend to reach the homeless and the orphans, the hungry and the sick and all that may need their hearts to be reached.

Evaluation results

Kenya has very many children homes that reach different needs to the under privileged children in the society, however, its paramount to note that there are so many gaps that are left behind due to the imbalance of resources and the work force involved in the course of brightening the children’s life, and this leaves some specific group of children unattended. this has been attributed to insufficient funds to bring on board the facilities and the equipments that can support the different disabilities with our children and the community at large.

its also important to note that main reason for this particular venture would be to bridge the gaps that are present with the availability of resources available to us in any given period of cooperate responsibility to the society. however we would like to also address the matter extensively by reason of partnership from willing donors and friends of Elohim tours.


Having noted with a deep interest the kind of management that is employed to run this children homes, we have realized that due to the unskilled labour that is brought on board, abuse of funds and or misappropriation of funds have been one of the main reasons why the children homes in our community are not effectively served.

with the reflection above, Elohim tours through the technical team have embarked on evaluation of the projects at hand with a possible view of other projects that may be addressed to effectively reach the community at whichever the capacity. here are some of the strategies that we feel can be able to work out bridging of the gaps effectively:

  1. Visiting the individual homes and physically going through their list of urgent needs to see the possibility of attending to the needs without giving financial support.
  2. Create a module by which we can enhance the capacity of the homes by taking their staff through a training that will help them actualize management of the available resources.
  3. Come up with set points where we could help them cut on the cost of spending by helping the homes have small gardens from where they could grow vegetables like onions, coriander, kales and cabbages, tomatoes of some fruits that don’t require to much attention to grow like paw paws, avocadoes or tress fruits to enable them cut the cost of expenditure.
  4. Have our own children home from where every available resource can be utilized to reach to the wider community through which we intend to reach the unreached in this segment of heart of hearts.

Touring strategy

At Elohim tours,we are known for exceptional touring to our clients, we intend to have a system by which a tourist can enjoy the nature and finally at our own cost take them around the community from where they can see what their participation with Elohim tours means. through the heart of hearts segments, our tourists will not just tour, but they will tour with a purpose that will leave a mark in the scent of time.